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The oldest and biggest centre of Arena Animation in Eastern India with the highest Placements, an ISO 9001 certified centre and an Adobe Certified Associate.

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Awards & Accolades

  • Creative Minds 2015-16 – Best & 2nd Best Visual Effects Scene
  • Creative Minds 2015-16 – Best, 2nd Best & 3rd Best Character Animation Sequence
  • Creative Minds 2015-16 – Best & 2nd Best Character Design


Companies where Arena students are placed

Arena Chowringhee is the undisputed Placement Champ amongst all the centres in the Eastern India for the past 19 years. It has won many awards and accolades in this respect. The Placement Cell has always been a pioneer in placing the students in the best design houses and most sought after animation studios .

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Anusua Mohan to

Graphic Designer, E Cord Life

Subhradip Basu

Graphic Designer, Kreative Fingers

Supratim Roy

Graphic Designer, Dwan & Dwan

Pinky Roy

Graphic Designer, Pss Entertainments

Rupam Samanta

3D Modler, BFX CGI

Student Works

Tanmoy Manna

Yoga advertisement

Ashish Yadav

Ready to Eat Advertisement

Subarno Adak

Hoarding Design

Yukti Nahata

Supreme Computers

Sudip Das


Priyanka Ghanshyam Chand

  Mobile Store

Reyana Das


Amoris the love

As an animator i love to work on different medium. AMORIS is a regular love story when i got this concept i thought why not show it in a very special way

A girl is moving all alone in her own magical gesture, when comes a boy ,unknown and unseen,and stops in front of her.The guy ,mesmerized by the beauty of the girl falls in love with her and tries to approach her.But the girl avoids him and tries to move away with all her attitude and beauty.When the guy goes away ,drowned in the sorrow of rejection, she realizes that she has fallen in love with him too and tries to find him here and therewith the pain of a broken heart to be mended. The sorrow not yet over,she finds that there has been something following her and gets scared.With her horror she notices that she had been surrounded by few bad guys and a dark moment of fright and temperament follows on.In a moment to surrender,she finds a guy strikes through and fights back for her. with her joy and happiness,she finds it was none other than her lost love.Followed by a drama of emotion.

Debangshu Chatterjee.


Fishi Games


The story beloved revolves around a monster(not a fairyland creature but a real life personal),or monster like activities that dwell in every human, here we have portrayed the inner monster that reside in our live character.. every human being has a good side and a bad one.. our character has the bad side to be much more dominating than his good one and it was his characteristic or one of his regular activity to create someone or something and decide over their life.. unaware about the fact that life dwell in them as well..
there is also a conflict of character that we have tried to put up through this script.. what the real life character (monster) can never be the paper cut man is....
" The story starts with the character (monster) taking out his frustration on a computer generated girl cut out from a file comprising a boy and a girl. After printing her and cutting in shape, he rips out her heart and hangs her on his hand made semi castle.. As he leaves the cg boy comes into life and starts his journey for saving his love. He crosses several huddles and finally saves the girl from "man's" evil clutches.. he saves his love and sacrifices his life to bring her back to life.."
On the contrary this story also deals with the good v\s bad concept where a human performed activity becomes a cause of a sacrifice, a sacrifice to save the person you love.. it can in a way or the other be termed as a love story, love between the two main character.. though not humans.... it is loves that binds us all together and in a way define what and who we are.. the moment we talk about love, we had to bring in sacrifice... sacrifice for love or sacrifice to love... the end shot or the climax of the movie thus portray this thought that we share.
A mix media format has thus been used to convey the roughness of this script and also to convey the truth about the matter...

PurnaMondal dreame creame project

Sulagna Munsi Chanel ID INDIA TV

Visual Edit by Soumendra Chandra


Gen-E-Us, a student group

Pallab pal

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Student Films

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  • 16 awards won at Creative Minds 2015

    A proud moment for Arena Chowringhee as we bagged 16 awards at Annual Creative Minds 2015. Congratulations to all students who made the event so special this year.

    A proud moment for Arena Chowringhee as we bagged 16 awards at Annual Creative Minds 2015. Congratulations to all students who made the event so special this year.

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